Coming exhibitions

From 2011 to 2013, I had a travel to participate early music exhibitions. During those some years, I almost couldn’t develop new model and play my musical instruments. I’m in autism spectrum. Working in the public, going to the school, having a travel and participating a exhibition makes me be too tired and I lost my positive will.
Since November 2013, I have never touched my musical instruments. then I decided that I will never participate any exhibitions in March 2015. After that, I took back my positive will and I have started making divided reamers for new model.
So, I shouldn’t do like Normal healthy people. If I do it, I lost my mental health and lost positive will, start depression.
I had said my problem about autism spectrum, however no one couldn’t support me including my problem.
However, Mr. Michael Parfett, Mon. Michel Proulx and Mr. Jelemy West were very kind to me and try to understand me, supported me. I never met such persons with warm heart in my country. I thank them from the bottom my heart. And I got some friends at exhibitions. I hope their success.

18th May 2015 Tokinori Yanagita