About the maker and contact

Tokinori YANAGITA is a maker and non official reseacher for baroque woodwind.

When he was 18 years old, he could not go to school and he attempted suicide. His doctor could not diagnose his disorder.

At his age 26 yo, He was one of the winners of the Berklee College of Music Scholarship audition at Tokyo in 2000. At that time, He played the modern oboe.
But he did not go to Berklee college, because of his mental problem which is called Asperger’s syndrome.

He tried working for about 10 years. But he always was very tired, at last he did not understand his mother language and could not work. Because of his disorder, he often got into trouble with his colleagues.

After his age 30 years old, He have had the other mental problem which called OCPD ( Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder : from wikipedia ).

He has stopped working in public and started making woodwind. He has studied making woodwinds getting help through the internet and books and treatises. He doesn’t have any teacher and have never worked at woodwind factory.
Now, he makes woodwinds alone and plays alone only at his home. The solitude gives him good health.
When he makes and plays woodwinds alone, His disorder works to get the ultimate potential of woodwinds.

His woodwinds are not ordinal, authentic replicas.
His first prototype flute is esteemed by professional flutists.
His baroque oboe is also esteemed by professional historical oboe player.
But for him, their woodwind’s potential about 80-90 %. He was very disappointed that such unperfect woodwind were estimated by japanese professional players.

The public service for adult with autism spectrum is useless for him. And the social service doesn’t seem to improving.

So He decided that he never sell his woodwinds to especially Japanese people as a protest.

Since 2011 to 2013, He participated Greenwich early music exhibition twice and Vanves early music exhibition once. He was disappointed the oboe and oboe d’amore’s unperfect condition by the other maker. A professional player played such oboe with being impressed.
His woodwind has ultimate potential, but only some English and French professional modern and historical oboe players noticed that.

From 2014, he stopped participate any exhibitions. It takes 1 year and some months to recover his mental health from tiredness of the travel. At last He decided not to make musical instruments for the business. Because He needs less contactable people and the business makes him lost his positive will and give depression.
So He will continue his study and contribute his works so that people can get scientific observation to the replica of baroque flute and oboe, then get good one.

If you have any solutions for him to live well and work as replica maker, please contact to him.
But He never work for the japanese cult religion which controls people and trap their target and English religion which controls the market at Greenwich early musical exhibition and never admit him to sell his woodwinds there. It did that good people not to get good musical instruments at that time.
The music and musical instruments are for all people. A group which people gather do wrong, bad things with the power easily.

He starts playing in the public as one of sample of people in autism spectrum to support to be understand people in autism spectrum rightly by the public from 8th October in 2015.
This isn’t his business. He can’t use his money for it because of his poverty, but He can play without the any payments. So feel free, to ask him to play at your event for people in autism spectrum.

Asperger’s syndrome and OCPD ( Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder ) are problems for him.
So, e-mail is the only way you can contact him.

You can see many photos of his works on the following site and watch my movies on my youtube channel.