Resources for Baroque oboe after Stanesby Sr.

Fingering charts

This oboe always is tuned with wool mute and bell peg.
It is possible to play at 415 hz.

Measurements(mm) of reed

  • Total length:79
  • Fasson length:30
  • Scrape length:18
  • Scrape type:V scrape
  • Thickness of fasson:0.75
  • Width of tip:9.6
  • Thickness of tip:0.10
  • Staple length:49
  • Material of staple:Brass
  • Thickness of staple:0.5
  • Bore diameter of staple top:2.7
  • Bore diameter of staple bottom:5.4
  • Insert length:30

Reeds for my replica after Stanesby Sr.
V scrape help to attach over blowed middle G.
The scrape of the reed for my replica after Stanesby Sr.
For making baroque oboe reed, we can get some treatises from JSTOR.
The shaped fasson for modern bass oboe made by Loree is available.
There aren’t any ridge on the V scrape. In other word, the center is scraped more. The length of the side relate with attacking. To attack easily, they should are longer and thinner. We can get more infomation about V scraped reed from the book “Oboe reed style” by David A. Ledet Indiana university Press.
The opening of tip of V scraping is narrower, but it’s easy to attack lower notes and over blowed notes.
The diameters of staple are important and I think that there isn’t any meaning of thinking taper.
Top diameter makes sensibility of the sound and The bottom diameter tune the intonation of octave. To get wider octave, wider diameter is needed.