Resources for Early classical flute traverse after F.G.A.Kirst

Fingering chart

Cork position
It is same length with diameter of headjoint bore.
By the position, low D and High D are tuned.

On natural tone, It’s important a little narrower circle of 5th.

The accidental tones sounds like equal temperament.

The most stable tones are D, E, G, A. These tones are used as tuning tones on the other woodwind and string instruments.
However the octave between low G and Mid G is wider

Quantz key
On my opinion, The Quantz key (long key) on foot joint isn’t used to attack Mid and Low D#. It is used to attack high D# for harmony B-F#-D#.
The Quantz key can be used to attack Mid F#. The fingering (123 -56 8). less sharper Gb can be gotten. 8 means push Quantz key, 7 means push small key.