Hauboy ( French Baroque oboe ) called The Galpin @ Oxford

This surviving original ( c.1690 ) is at Bate collection of historical instrument and the number is 200.

it is known as ” The Galpin oboe “.

I guess that The original is sound sharper than 392Hz.

I made 2 replicas. one is made from ebony, the other is made from Hard maple.

The original is made from Boxwood with Ivory balusters.

This is one of my replica The Gaplin. This is failure. The lowest C is unstable with bell peg. When I researched the surviving original, the bell peg works for lowest C although it can’t be sound low C#.
My research movie about the Galpin
replica of The Galpin oboe

I think that the baroque oboe without ivory mounts has more expression when it is made from high density wood.

Top baluster of replica after Tha galpin oboe

Low C is very sharper. it needs the bell peg. I read that The surviving bell pegs were losted in the book ” Eloquent oboe ” by Blues Haynse.

I have never seen any replicas of baroque oboe with bell peg now.

My design is based the violin’s peg.

Bell peg for replica of the galpin oboe

I had wondered that the bell of baroque oboe has rim inside.

I tried putting wool in bell to play normally and I noticed when wool is putted in bell, the oboe has more espression.

by attached bell peg, the position of wool mute is near the edge of bell. and the rim works to stay it at the position

Wool mute for replica of The galpin oboe

Bell of The Galpin oboe

The springs are attached to keys by screws. I selected this way.

small key for replica of the galpin oboe

The ebony’s sound maybe hard.

Replica of The galpin oboe made from ebony

This is made from Hard maple.
replica of french baroque oboe called The Galpin oboe
I think The oboe made from hard maple needs varnish to get deeper sound.
This one is acid stained.
Baluster of bell made from hard maple
it takes for about more 1 month the surface to get enough hardness after varnished.
top baluster made from hard maple
On the replica made from hard maple, we can see natural marble of wood.
Bell peg made from hard maple
The weight is more lighter than ebony one.
replica of French baroque oboe called The Galpin oboe
I tried attaching imitational ivory mounts.
The sound is changed a little harder by the mounts. So using lighter reed is needed.
Replica after the galipn with imitational ivory mounts
The Original ivory is heavier than imitational one. When I researched the original, I was surprised with the weight of the baluster of the top joint.
Top baluster of replica of the galpin with imitational ivory mount